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Portable Trade Show Displays



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Also known as Portable Trade Show Exhibits are very easy to carry and assembly without using tools, the main use is to decorate your booth at a Trade Show. They can be of various types. The most basic Exhibition Displays are Banner Stands and Popup Portable Displays.

Mostly these types of display are expanding portable display systems that have aluminum hardware for light weight and a fabric graphic attached with Velcro. Others work with pillowcase graphics feature that have lighter weight tube frames with a slot where the graphic edge is inserted. These tradeshow displays might be your best option in case you are planning to participate as an exhibitor in a US Tradeshow because of their easy to carry and ‘do it yourself ‘ setup

Banner Stands are the most common form of portable display. No matter the area size, they are customizable with graphics adding branding and messaging in any space. There’s a wide variety of banner stands: retractable (roll up style), telescopic (variable height), spring back (X-banner style).

It’s a portable trade show display or also known as retractable banner stands that rolls up from a base and secure on top of a pole. They are easily transportable and can be easy relocated in a booth space for optimal placing. 

There are different types of quality for this kind of trade show displays. The price will depend of their quality; if they are superior, standard or economy. The price is related on the warranty, reliability, functionality, features and durability and also of the variety of widths, heights and base colors.

Here in ExhibitionDisplay.net prices range from $75 to $3000

Retractable banner stand graphics are offered in vinyl, fabric, or polyester materials.

A Pop-Up display is the best option because it can be installed by the exhibitor with ease avoiding high-cost labor.

Most of the time you can use them indistinctly but it’s recommendable to use heavier weighted basses in stores where people have more contact with them and accidentally may collide. That’s why extra stability is valuable

Portable Trade Show Displays

What are Portable Trade Show Displays?

Also known as Portable Trade Show Exhibits are easy to carry and install and the main use is to decorate your booth at a Trade Show therefore there are various types and shapes. The most basic and popular Exhibition Displays are Banner Stands and Popup Portable Displays.

Who can set up my Portable Display? 

You can set them up yourself and that is why they are the most recommended Trade Show Portable displays because in consequence you will save a lot of money in labor expenses in the other hand if you plan to set up a custom made exhibit you will be ‘forced’ to hire a local union for its setup.

They are also suitable for highlighting an advertisement or promotion so to choose an item that suits you best, we advise you to have a clear stand size (front, width, height) and make a list of your priorities to display: logo, videos, products, brochures, etc. 

Based on this and your budget, you can choose the best option for your Exhibition Display. 

For example, if you have enough audiovisual material, perhaps what suits you best is a Popup Display with fabric graphics that has a tv rack connector. 

If your space and budget are more limited, a Banner Stand and a counter would be the best option.

Other things to consider for your next Trade Show Portable Display:

  • Another aspect to consider when choosing a Trade Show Portable Display is the type of graphic media that you like the most and is easier to install. The most common are graphics on Vinyl, PVC, sublimated fabric and banner canvas.
  • In the world of Portable Trade Show Displays there are also more elaborate options that can be installed in various shows. 
  • Many of our clients choose Modular Display Exhibits and decide which pieces to include in their stand, depending on the space they buy at each show.
  • We recommend that you do not neglect the type of lighting that will complement your Portable Trade Show Display. 
  • The most recommended are those that have a universal clamp that can be adapted, as a screen lighting in almost any Trade Show Portable Display.
  • You can highlight the decoration of your exhibition also with Trade Show Portable Displays Accessories: such as counters, iPads Stands, Charging Towers, etc.

Here are the most popular portable trade show displays in the USA:

Banner Stands:

Easy to set up Banner stands are an easily portable type of display that are used for point of purchase advertising or informational displays at events such as trade shows.

Banner Stands are also used for event signage, retail displays, press conferences, presentations or any place you need a portable, professional looking display that is quick and easy to set up and take down.

In Exhibition Display, LLC we offer a wide range of custom printed banner options for each stand that are all printed in-house at our Chicago and Las Vegas Facilities. 

Each display can also be ordered without a banner for those who wish to provide their own printed banners.

Portable Display Pop up and Backdrops:

A popup Display is a type of Exhibit Backdrop made up of a pop-up aluminum frame structure, usually the graphic is made of PVC panels that attach to the frame. 

But lately the most recommended are the ones with fabric graphics because they are easier to setup and carry. 

A popup display is ideal for creating eye catching and professional backdrops for events, exhibitions and shows. We have a full range of fabric and PVC panel pop ups available in our store.

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